Saturday, September 1, 2007

First Day of Evaluations

Daily Slide Show - Day 2

The day opened with the first plenary. Jurors introduced themselves to a small group, then the groups introduced themselves to the room. The assembly learned that one juror was an open water scuba instructor, another had 27 microsoft certifications he claims he never uses in his career, and yet another was "working on babies" with his wife. The panels were formed before lunch. Rules, criteria, and decisions on process followed, leading into the very first round of evaluation.

At their panels, jurors were excited to see the first products in their selected categories. From e-government to e-business, jurors took it all in. The plenary discussion was cut short by a surprise visit from the Croatian President. After a late dinner, jurors continue to evaluate late into the night.

Panel compositions:

Panel I
• Category e-Government
• Tutor: Edward Yeboah

– Shem Ochuodho (Rwanda)
– Ahmed Yahia (Egypt)
– Dennis Anderson (USA/Korea)
– Alexander Felsenberg (Germany)

Panel II
• Category e-Health
• Tutor: Emilia Bruck

– Waheed AlBalushi (Bahrain)
– Titilayo Akinsanmi (Nigeria)
– Cid Torquato (Brazil)
– Kresimir Lugaric (Croatia)

Panel III
• Category e-Learning
• Tutor: Lea Venne

– Cornelius Hopmann (Nicaragua)
– Carina Felzmann (Austria)
– Faouzi Zaghbib (Tunisia)
– Manar Al-Hashash (Kuwait)

Panel IV
• Category e-Entertainment
• Tutor: Marko Ladika

– Luis Lopez (Colombia)
– Paul Hoffert (Canada)
– Dorothy Gordon (Ghana)
– Elisabeth Quat (China)

Panel V

• Category e-Culture
• Tutor: Sebastian Ladika

– Lucas Lim (Japan)
– Lumko Mtimde (South Africa)
– Alfredo Ronchi (Italy)
– Garegin Chugaszyan (Armenia)

Panel VI

• Category e-Science
• Tutor: Bruna Jaksic

– Anya Sverdlov (Russia)
– Jan Bieringa (New Zealand)
– Izzeldin Osman (Sudan)
– Peter Cernik (Venezuela)

Panel VII

• Category e-Business
• Tutor: Sarah Gojkovic

– Abu Talib Bachik (Malaysia)
– Maria Zaghi (Guatemala)
– Katri Ristal (Estonia)
– Rodolfo Laddaga (Mexico)

Panel VIII
• Category e-Inclusion
• Tutor: Martina Bajza

– Latif Ladid (Luxembourg)
– Zawan Al-Sabti (Oman)
– Paul Braund (USA)
– Osama Manzar (India)