Saturday, September 8, 2007

Jurors attend E-Content Summit and Say Goodbye

Some of the Jury and staff were lucky enough to attend the E-Content Summit sessions this weekend and I thought I would blog about the amazing experience. Speakers ranged from the MIT Media Lab's new creativity projects (confectionery, a way to put images, video and text into an individual user-friendly online story, in particular, was a favorite with a few of the jurors around me) to Redundant Technology's reutilization of 'redundant' hardware, initially as art, then as large community centers with open-source volunteer run training.

Jurors, who had spent all week debating the merits of projects to exhaustion, were all of a sudden as excited as they were when they first arrived on Friday night (if not more excited after having the experience of the jury) to see new, vibrant and intelligently crafted projects and presentations.

This blogger had some chats with Croatian journalists who said what a big step this was for Croatia to have this prominent, international conference with world experts, and what an honour it was to have the jury here. On behalf of the Jury and staff, especially on my own behalf, I would like to say it was an honour to be here. This is a beautiful country with lovely people. Many of us, including myself, have pledged to return to enjoy it again.

In closing, thanks for reading. Results will be up once the WSA Board of Directors meets and approves the minutes of the meeting. It is my impression that this was an unforgettable experience for all those involved. We'll see you all again in 2009, as jurors, as experts, as summit participants, as observers, or maybe even as the lifeblood of why we are here, as producers of e-content that moves the world forward. To those producers in particular, good luck with your work and your entries.


Xenia Maren Menzies over and out.


Edi Budimilic said...

It was a great experience being on the summit and I'm sure to attend next WSA.

Rachel said...

when is the meeting being held, and so when approximately are the results likely to be known?

Rudi said...

This year I was not part of the grand jury, nevertheless great work, congratualations to all of you.

Best regards

Rudi Vansnick

World internet summit said...

I agree great work there guys keep up the good work

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Well done to all involved

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