Friday, September 7, 2007

Officially the Last Day

The work of the jury concluded with an overview of the regional winners, awarded to the top product in each category from each region of the world as an example of excellence in their region. The jury, wishing to recognize products which stood out strategically for their nations but were not yet selected, moved to provide Jury Special Commendations to a very select group of products.

The night brought all jurors together one last time to exchange contact information and discuss their future plans before beginning to depart. The work of the jury (and my official posting) is now officially concluded. Winners will be announced with further details for the Venice gala soon.

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abdulrazzaq said...

thank you my dear for you great blogs :)

well i think there are millions waiting the results and surfing the net for that.

please do your best to provide us with the results :)

Again thank you
Abdulrazzaq Mohammed.