Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Middle of the Week

Slideshow Day 4

We've now reached Tuesday night, passed the middle of the judging process and begun to name winners in the first two categories. No announcements can yet be made here as to the two categories we've finished (E-Health and E-Entertainment) but this blogger will be sure to make them available as soon as I get the word.

The day began straight away with arranging the order for presentations. After lunch the first panel presentation for E-Entertainment was made, with jurors taking turns presenting a shortlisted product and explaining why it was chosen and should be considered, other jurors asking questions, nominating the products from there, and then finally, voting upon the top 5 in each category. The jury resolved to delay dinner by a whole hour and a half in order to complete the second category, E-Health.

After a quick dinner, we enjoyed the famous Zagreb string quartet in a very old stone church with amazing acoustics about 50 metres from the hotel. It was a little food for the soul after a long day of judging the world's topmost e-content. Tomorrow we continue with E-Government first. Good luck to all the producers out there patiently waiting for results.


Joachim Bertot said...

First of all, sorry for my english as I am not a native speaker, and thank you for this excellent blog informing us about all the world summit awards process ...

I would like to know how the jurors are assessing all those projects. It means how long time they spending on each project and what is the exact process. For exemple, do they need to fill some kind of forms for each project, etc ...

I think that many other people are also wondering such things,

thanks for your answer

Xenia Maren Menzies said...

Hello Joachim,

Thank you for your comment, and especially for your interest. For more information on the process of the Award you can also check our official website: www.wsis-award.org.