Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Working Sunday

Slideshow Day 3

Short lists of maximum 18 (from up to 80 products in some categories) have been signed off and panels are prepared to move to their next posting tomorrow morning, one category higher in numbering, as the jury 'should always move forward' as proposed and motioned by Ms. Dorothy Gordon.

Sunday morning began with opening plenary discussions including a lot of proposals for how to make the award better for coming years. Jurors spoke fervently about the need for better definitions for the categories, which are interpreted very differently across cultures and backgrounds of the various eminent experts around the world (about 150 nations submit products every year ).

Many jurors trudged on through rankings many of them had left only a few hours earlier, with one juror having finished his evaluations at 3 am the night before.

An evening plenary included a philosophical question from Cornelius Hopmann on the differences in education systems as applied to rankings in the e-learning category he was evaluating. Each panel had a spokesperson (or multiple spokespeople) give an overview for their shortlisting.

Panels had their short lists approved by the Chair and Co-Chair before the networking night at the restaurant. It was still unclear if Alexander Felsenberg had his request for flip charts from the morning session granted at the time of writing of this entry. I will seek the answer tomorrow morning at breakfast for daily readers.

Congratulations to the jurors for completion of the arduous task of the initial shortlist. Rumor has it, we have some really amazing projects.

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